Thursday, January 12, 2012

Black Hat SEO

Black Hat SEO or Black Hat Search Engine Optimization are defined as tools or techniques used to achieve high ranking in search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc using unethical and ways which don't subscribe to the rules and guidelines set by the search engines. Black Hat SEO is done by SEO consultants who know the functioning of search engines and know how to manipulate the search engines for their benefits.
Black Hat SEO techniques generally overlook and violate the guidelines set by search engines. Black Hat SEO techniques show one content to the spiders and crawlers, some other thing to the visitors which is clearly violates the Search Engines rules. Apart from violating rules, visitors get a very bad experience which has the potential to effect the popularity of search engines and their business. Black Hat SEO techniques are generally who used by consultants or webmasters who want to achieve top ranking in short time, for which they go over the board and violate guidelines set by Search Engines. Black Hat SEO techniques used by consultants and webmasters can be termed as  short sighted solutions for long term solutions.
Keyword Stuffing is a Black Hat SEO technique in which a keyword is repeated again and again to fool the crawlers and spiders.
Invisible text is used as Black Hat SEO technique in which text is made invisible to naked eyes but visible to crawlers and spiders. In this technique, white keyword with white background or black keyword with black background is inserted which won't be visible to visitors but visible to crawlers and spiders.
Consultants or webmasters also design a page which is visible to crawlers and spiders but not visitors. This helps the search engines to rank the pages higher. This techniques is know DOORWAY PAGES.

Black Hat SEO is like fast food snacks which taste fantastic to taste buds but in the long run it has the potential to take you to the clinic. It is advisable to avoid this because in the long term this might not help and if found violating Search Engines guidelines, search engines will stops listing your websites which will hurt you badly. It is always advisable to go for Organic SEO which will help you in the long term and help to get better Return On Investment(ROI) and a stable ranking which will improve as the number of visitors increase to your website or online business.

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