Friday, January 6, 2012

Directory Submission

Directory Submission is the process of listing your business along with your website link to online directory. People might ask why directory submission is so important, reason for that is it helps getting good ranking by increasing the number inbound links to your website. There are two types of directory submission, first one is free directory submission and paid submission. It means that they are portals which free directory listing or submission. Free Directory submission website will give you free listing of your business in the online database, it got an online presence and if you have website then you got a inbound link to your website. Hear you benefit by getting an online presence and inbound link to your website which will ultimately help you to get a good ranking.

Other type of directory submission is paid directory submission. Paid directory submission means that to get an online presence you have to pay. Benefit of that is you can expect an exposure or visibility which you can't except by opting for paid directory submission.

Directory submission, whether it is free or paid it can help you to get a good ranking. Directory submission is a good step in making your online business successful.

There are plenty of online directories, out of them, many are free and this is good news for webmasters. It is also important to know the category and sub-category of business and then look for that particular directory and list your business.

Please remember this is a time consuming process and patience is key for directory submission which helps you to get good google traffic to the the websites.


Jan said...

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