Friday, January 6, 2012

Search Engine Submission

Search Engine Submission is nothing but the process of submitting your website to search engines so that they can index your website. Generally, over a period of time search engines will index your website automatically, but it might take a very long time for search engines to index your website or to take a note of it. Search engines use crawlers and spiders to index web pages in their database without any human interference.

Most often people manually submit their websites to search engines because either the website is a new website and webmaster doesn't have patience to wait for search engines to list their website or their have been new updates to the website and webmaster wants these changes to be updated immediately to the search engines. These are few reasons why people go for search engine submission manually.

It is always advisable to design the websites in such a way which makes crawlers to crawl the website fully. If you submit only the home page of the website, crawlers should be able to visit the complete website. So designing a website correctly is important. Apart from submitting only the home page, you can also submit individual pages also. It is advisable to have a good sitemap in your website. Sitemaps really make a crawlers job easy and you get the benefit out of it. Always keep an eye for any broken link, if it is there, then repair it and manually submit it to the search engines. 

Webmasters usually do search engines submission to get a good ranking in the search engines' search pages. But the best thing which a webmaster can do is search engine optimization. Search engine optimization means creating pages in such a ways which are search engine friendly. When you target a keyword makes sure that particular keyword has good presentation in that page. Generally, if you have 50 words article then the targeted keyword should be there in the article at least five times.

It is always advised to avoid using too much of flash if you are very search engine optimization minded webmaster. This is because crawler can't read the content which is there in the flash so it doesn't help to get a better ranking.

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