Sunday, January 8, 2012

How To Get High Google Pagerank?

Google Pagerank is the patented product of Google. Pagerank is an algorithm designed and developed by Google founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin at Stanford and based on this Pagerank, Google's search engine function and gives out your desired search result. This has been the backbone of Google's search. Over the years it has been developed again and again to continuously evolve with the time. You can imagine the success Pagerank has achieved in search arena by sheer magnitude of people desired to see their business get top ten rank of PageRank.
Any website is ranked from zero to ten, higher the pagerank, higher is the popularity of the website and higher is the chance of that page to get listed in the first two pages of their search result.
Pagerank's theory is that the most important pages on the Internet are the pages with the most links leading to them. Pagerank thinks of links as votes, where a page linking to another page is casting a vote. So more a page gets linked, it means it is getting more votes and so it gets a higher Pagerank.
Pagerank also looks at the importance of the page that contains the link. Pages with higher PageRank have more weight in "voting" with their links than pages with lower PageRank. It also looks at the number of links on the page casting the "vote." Pages with more links have less weight.
Ways to increase Pagerank:-
  1. Have Back-links
  2. Trade Links with people but avoid links from link farms
  3. Register your website with directories
  4. Above all these having good content will ensure you get good Pagerank.

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