Saturday, November 8, 2008

Technology E-books which you should read

110 minute guide to lotus notes mail 4.5
210 minute guide to Microsoft exchange 5.0
310 minute guide to outlook 97
410 minute guide to schedule+ for windows 95
5ActiveX programming unleashed
6ActiveX programming unleashed
7Advanced perl programming
8Advanced PL/SQL programming with packages
9Adventure in Prolog/AMZI
10Algorithms CMSC251/Mount, David
11Alison Balter's Mastering Access 95 development, premier ed.
12Apache : The definitive guide, 3rd.ed.
13Beej's guide to network programming/Hall, Brain
14Beyond Linux from Scratch/BLFS Development Team
15Borland C++ builder unleashed
16Building an intranet with windows NT 4
17Building an Intranet with Windows NT 4
18Building expert systems in prolog/AMZI
19C programming language
20C Programming/Holmes, Steven
21C++ Annotations
22CGI developer's guide
23CGI manual of style
24CGI manual of style online
25CGI programming
26CGI programming unleashed
27CGI programming with Perl, 2nd.ed.
28Charlie Calvert's Borland C++ builder unleashed
29Client/server computing, 2nd.ed.
30Client-server computing, 2nd.ed.
31Common LISP, the language/Steele, Guy
32Compilers and compiler generators : an introduction with C++/Terry, P.D.
33Complete idiot's guide to creating HTML webpage
34Computer graphics CMSC 427/Mount, David
35Configuring and troubleshooting the windows NT/95 registry
36Creating commercial websites
37Creating web applets with Java
38Crystal Reports.NET
39Curious about the internet
40Curious about the internet?
41Dan appleman's developing activeX components with Visual Basic 5
42Dan appleman's developing activex components with Visual Basic 5.0
43Data structures CMSC420/Mount, David
44Database developer's guide with visual basic 4, 2nd.ed.
45Database developer's guide with Visual Basic 4, 2nd.ed.
46Database developer's guide with Visual C++ 4, 2nd.ed.
47Database developer's guide with Visual C++ 4, 2nd.ed.
48Design and analysis of computer algorithms CMSC451/Mount, David
49Designing implementing Microsoft internet information server
50Designing implementing Microsoft proxy server
51Developing for netscape one
52Developing intranet applications with java
53Developing personal oracle 7 for windows 95 applications
54Developing personal Oracle 7 for windows 95 applications
55Developing professional java applets
56Developing professional java applets
57DNS and BIND
58Doing objects with VB.NET and C#
59EAI/BPM Evaluation Series: IBM WebSphere MQ Workflow v3.3.2 & EAI Suite by> Middleware Technology Evaluation Series, Phong Tran & Jeffrey Gosper
60Effective AWK programming
61Enterprise javabeans, 2nd.ed.
62Exploring java
63GNOME/Sheets, John
64Graph theory/Prof. Even
65Hacking java
66How intranets work
67How intranets work
68How to program visual basic 5.0
69How to use HTML 3.2
70Html : The definitive guide
71HTML 3.2 & CGI unleashed
72HTML 3.2 and CGI professional reference edition unleashed
73HTML by example
74Internet firewall
75Intranets unleashed
76Introduction to object-oriented programming using C++/Muller, Peter
77Introduction to programming using Java/Eck, David
78Introduction to socket programming
79Java 1.1 unleashed
80Java 1.1 unleashed, 2nd.ed.
81Java 1.1 unleashed, 3rd.ed.
82Java 114 documentation
83Java AWT reference
84Java by example
85Java developer's guide
86Java developer's guide
87Java developer's reference
88Java developer's reference
89Java Distributed computing
90Java enterprise
91Java enterprise in a nutshell
92Java foundation classes in a nutshell
93Java fundamental classes reference
94Java in a nutshell
95Java in a nutshell, 3rd.ed.
96Java language reference
97Java security
98Java servlet programming
99Java unleashed
100Java unleashed
101Java, 2nd.ed.
102_JavaScript : the definitive guide
103_Javascript manual of style
104_Javascript manual of style
105Josh's GNU Linux Guide/Joshua
106Late night activex
107Late night activeX
108Laura lemay's 3D graphics in and VRML 2
109Laura lemay's activex and _VBScript
110Laura lemay's graphics and web page design
111Laura lemay's guide to sizzling websites design
112Laura lemay's _javascript 1.1
113Laura lemay's web workshop activex and _VBScript
114Laura lemay's web workshop Graphics web page design
115Laura lemay's web workshop _javascript
116Learning perl
117Learning perl on win32
118Learning the kornshell
119Learning unix
120Learning vi
121Linux from Scratch/Beekmans, Gerard
122Linux in a nutshell, 3rd.ed.
123Linux kernel/Rusling, David
124Linux network administrator's guide/Dawson, Terry
125Linux system administrator's survival guide
126MAPI, SAPI and TAPI developer's guide
127Mastering access 95 development
128Microsoft access 97 quick reference
129Microsoft access 97 quick reference
130Microsoft backoffice 2 unleashed
131Microsoft excel 97 quick reference
132Microsoft excel 97 quick reference
133Microsoft exchange server survival guide
134Microsoft frontpage unleashed
135Microsoft word 97 quick reference
136Microsoft word 97 quick reference
137Microsoft works 4.5 6-In-1
138More than 100 full-text e-books
139Ms backoffice administrator's survival guide
140Ms backoffice unleashed
141Mysql and msql
142Netscape plug-ins developer's kit
143Official gamelan java directory
144Oracle built-in packages
145Oracle PL/SQL built-in pocket reference
146Oracle PL/SQL language pocket reference
147Oracle PL/SQL programming guide to Oracle 8 features
148Oracle PL/SQL programming, 2nd.ed.
149Oracle unleashed
150Oracle unleashed
151Oracle web applications PL/SQL developer's introduction
152Patterns of enterprise application architecture/Fowler, Martin{574D77DF-6ED2-BC5-A6A8-02E59CA7482D}
153PC week : the intranet advantage
154Perl 5 by example
155Perl 5 quick reference
156Perl 5 unleashed
157Perl 5.0 CGI web pages
158Perl cookbook
159Perl for system administration
160Perl in a nutshell
161Perl quick reference
162Peter norton's complete guide to windows NT 4 workstations
163Presenting activex
164Presenting activex
165Presenting javabeans
166Presenting javabeans
167Programming perl
168Programming perl, 3rd.ed.
169Programming the Perl DBI
170Red hat linux unleashed
171Running a perfect intranet
172Running Linux, 3rd.ed.
173Sams teach yourself java 1.1 in 24 hours/
174Sams Teach yourself java in 21 days/Lemay, Laura
175Sams teach yourself linux in 24 hours/Ball, Bill
176Sams teach yourself shell programming in 24 hours
177Sams teach yourself TCP/IP in 14 days
178Sed and awk
180Sendmail desktop reference
181Slackware linux unleashed
182Special edition using java, 2nd.ed.
183Special edition using _javascript
184Special edition using _javascript
185Special edition using _Jscript
186Special edition using lotus notes and domino 4.5
187Special edition using Microsoft SQL server 6.5, 2nd.ed.
188Special edition using Microsoft visual Interdev
189Special edition using perl 5 for web programming
190Special edition using perl for web programming
191Special edition using Visual Basic 4
193Teach yourself activex programming in 21 days
194Teach yourself C++ in 21 days
195Teach yourself C++ in 21 days
196Teach yourself CGI programming with Perl 5 in a week
197Teach yourself database programming with VB5 in 21 days, 2nd.ed.
198Teach yourself database programming with visual basic 5 in 21 days
199Teach yourself HTML 3.2 in 24 hours
200Teach yourself HTML 3.2 in 24 hours
201Teach yourself internet game programming with java in 21 days
202Teach yourself java 1.1 programming in 24 hours
203Teach yourself jave in café in 21 days
204Teach yourself Microsoft visual Interdev in 21 days
205Teach yourself Microsoft visual Interdev in 21 days
206Teach yourself oracle 8 in 21 days
207Teach yourself perl 5 in 21 days
208Teach yourself perl 5 in 21 days, 2nd.ed.
209Teach yourself SQL in 21 days
210Teach yourself SQL in 21 days, 2nd.ed.
211Teach yourself TCP/IP in 14 days
212Teach yourself TCP/IP in 14 days, 2nd.ed.
213Teach yourself the Internet in 24 hours
214Teach yourself the internet in 24 hours
215Teach yourself _VBScript in 21 days
216Teach yourself _VBScript in 21 days
217Teach yourself visual basic 5 in 24 hours
218Teach yourself Visual Basic 5 in 24 hours
219Teach yourself Visual J++ in 21 days
220Teach yourself web publishing with HTML 3.2 in 14 days
221Teach yourself web publishing with HTML in 14 days
222Thinking in C++
223Thinking in C++/Eckel, Bruce - Vol.I, 2nd.ed.
224Thinking in C++/Eckel, Bruce - Vol.II, 2nd.ed.
225Thinking in Enterprise Java
226Thinking in Java, 2nd.ed.
227Thinking in Java, 3rd.ed. (pdf)
228Tricks of the internet gurus
229Tricks of the java programming gurus
230Unix and internet security
231Unix hints and hacks/Waingrow, Kirk
232Unix in a nutshell
233Unix kornshell quick reference
234Unix power tools
235Unix shell guide
236Unix unleashed
237Unix unleashed
238Unix unleashed Internet Ed./Burk, Robin
239Unix unleashed, System administrator's Edition
240Unix Unleashed/Sams Publication
241Upgrading PCs illustrated
242Using windows NT workstation 4.0
243_VBScript unleashed
244_Vbscript unleashed
245Visual basic 4 in 12 easy lessons
246Visual basic 4 unleashed
247Visual Basic 5 night school
248Visual basic programming in 12 easy lessons
249Visual Basic programming in 12 easy lessons
250Visual C++ 4 unleashed
251Visual C++ programming in 12 easy lessons
252Web database developer's guide with visual basic 5
253Web database developer's guide with visual basic 5
254Web programming desktop reference 6-in-1

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