Saturday, November 8, 2008

How to rename Recycle Bin

1. Start, Run, 'Regedit'.2. Press 'Ctrl'+'F' to open find box and type 'Recycle Bin' to search.3. Change any value data with 'Recycle Bin' to whatever name you want to give it ( ie, like 'Trash Can' or 'Dump' etc).4. Press F3 to continue searching for 'Recycle Bin' and change wherever you come across 'Recycle Bin' to new its new name.5. Repeat step 4 until you have finished with searching and changed all values to its new name.6. Close regedit and hit F5 on desktop to see the new name on screen.
Note: As a good practice, always backup your registry before changing anything although changing 'Recycle Bin' name is a simple tweak and doesnt affect anything else.

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