Saturday, November 8, 2008

Removing Norton Anti-virus

Found this on the Norton Web site.
I finally got fed up with Norton 2004 AV and switched to Avast.
Had lots of problems removing Norton, lots of stuff left over in the registry.
After a few Google searches, I found this.
FYI, this is from the Site, so I am guessing it is nice and safe
If you scroll down to the "Removal instructions" the first option is "To remove Norton AntiVirus from the registry" Click on the Plus sign and you can down load the removal tool (it is a .reg file that removes all the keys for Norton.)
Direct Link for the file:
After I got done, Avast started working right and my system seemed to be running alot better. (after Avast found 14 virues that Norton did not find.)

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